Winter & Fall


Protect your home when fall runs around by preparing for the coming cold. We have tools, such as caulking and sealant, to ensure your home is weather-tight. We also offer a range of storm doors that can add energy efficiency. For the winter be sure to grab a snow shovel, some pet safe ice melt and a roof rake to battle our coming tough New England winter. We also carry garden rakes and hoses to help with the yardwork through all the season.

Lower energy costs with simple and affordable weatherizations solutions from Remodelers Outlet. If you’re not ready to replace your drafty windows and doors with new ones, there are many simple and affordable weatherization solutions to seal drafts throughout your home. You’ll find everything you need at Remodelers Outlet to save you money and energy!

  • DAP caulk
  • Weatherstrip for windows, doors and garage doors
  • Window Insulation Kits
  • Door thresholds
  • Door sweeps
  • Attic draft caps

Spring & Summer

Artech All Weather Pottery

Carefully placed containers can add curb appeal to your home and decorate your outdoor living space. Our beautiful pottery from Artech will add to your landscape. Artech planters are proudly manufacted in the United States with wholly-made US materials. They are made for every season as they are constructed of premium grade polyresin withstands fracturing and chipping in freezing temperatures, during transit and repotting.

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