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Remodelers Outlet's offers some of the most common stair parts of treads, balusters, handrails and fittings. Occasionally you may find a Preassembled Staircase - save hundreds from the retail price!

Our selection of surplus stair parts changes often, from wrought iron balusters to complete preassembled staircases, our offering is often eclectic and always offered at incredibly low bargain outlet prices.

Stock Stair Parts

• Oak and Iron Balusters
• Stair Fittings
• Newel Posts

• Beech Handrail
• Cable Rail

Do-It-Yourself Iron Balusters

Carolina Stair Supply
With the advent of the adjustable iron slide baluster, the do it yourself person can now design and install their own balustrade. Using only a drill, screwdriver and an allen wrench, the adjustable iron baluster can replace your old wood spindles without the expense of a professional. Leave your wood rail and newels in place, remove the wood spindles and replace them with a wrought iron balustrade quickly and without a big mess. Presto, you have a new design flavor for your living area.

Visit the Carolina Stair Supply website to learn more about Ole' Iron Slides™ adjustable iron slide balusters.

Old Iron Stair Rail

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